Go Get Gorgeous by Kim Robinson Book Launch

Two weeks back, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Kim Robinson’s book launch at his salon together with other fashion and beauty bloggers. Kim Robinson’s salon is located right in the heart of Orchard road, at Ngee Ann City! I had a quick tour of the place and I fell in love instantly with the decor and the calming atmosphere of the place. This is definitely a salon I would visit if I wanted to give myself a good pampering session! There are even private rooms for those who want more peace while getting their tresses done. As for those who prefer to look at scenery, you can request to be seated next to windows overlooking the busy Orchard road.

KIm Robinson go get gorgeous

Kim Robinson Go Get Gorgeous

There was a short sharing session by Kim about how his career started and I was surprised to learn that Kim is based in Hong Kong! No wonder he speaks perfect Cantonese! Kim shared with us that to ensure that we get the haircut we want, we should show our hairstylists photos of the haircut we want and what we do not want. This will ensure no miscommunication between yourself and the stylist. 🙂 Also, if the stylists insists that a certain cut doesn’t suit you, you should ask the stylist to show you what they think is the right cut for you.

Kim Robinson & August Zhang

Your hair frames the face. When you feel beautiful, you feel powerful.
– Kim Robinson

How many times have we feel self-conscious after a bad haircut? I admit, I get insecure at times as well. In fact, I had really frizzy hair growing up as a teenager and it was only after I rebonded my hair that I felt more confident. Ultimately, do what makes you happy. If getting a haircut or changing your hair colour will make you love yourself more, why not? As Kim said “By feeling more confident, you become more beautiful.” It’s true. You will find yourself standing taller and smiling wider. 😀 Confidence is an attractive feature, it draws people to you.

Kim took the time to answer some of our questions and one person asked Kim how we know if a hair colour would suit us. Kim recommends ladies with fair skin to go with darker colours while darker skin tones should opt for lighter colours. But he said at times there are exceptions whereby fair skin looked great with blonde hair.

August Zhang model

A haircut can do wonders. You may have noticed that tall lady sporting a bob standing next to Kim in the photo above. She is none other than August Zhang! Kim flew August all the way from New York City to share with us about her before and after transformation. It is amazing how one haircut catapulted her to fame. August used to have long, beautiful hair, but so did every model out there. Hence she had trouble getting modelling jobs because she did not stand out from the crowd. However, a trip to Kim Robinson’s salon changed her life, forever. Kim suggested changing her hairstyle completely by cutting away her long hair and replacing it with a bob! Although August was initially hesitant, she decided to give it a go. Today, August is signed to international modeling agency, Wilhelmina Models and is the face of L’oreal Paris. I am certain that we will be seeing more of August in future. Who knows, she might be strutting down the runway of Victoria’s Secret soon!

August Zhang Model Loreal

August’s transformation is just one of the many “hair makeover” stories in the book!

Kim Robinson
go get gorgeous book
Kim’s new book contains gorgeous visuals of Hong Kong supermodel Kathy Chow, actress Brigitte Lin, Bonnae Gokson and many more celebrities. It showcases the many different haircuts that Kim has done and here are some of my favourites!

go get gorgeous book
Kim Robinson book go get gorgeous

Overall, Go Get Gorgeous is a light read with plenty of informative hair tips. It does contain more visuals than words but hey, a picture speaks a thousands words. 😉 Purchase Go Get Gorgeous at Kinokuniya Ngee Ann City, and get a $58 complimentary cleanse and finish voucher! While stock lasts.

Photos from event by Yan Teng.

Kim Robinson salon is located at:
391, Orchard Road
#02-12 Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238872

Tel +65 6738 8006