Guerlain Happy Glow Spring 2017 Makeup Collection & Review

Guerlain meteorites spring 2017

When I first saw the promo images for Guerlain’s new collection from Spring 2017, I was so excited! A new blush from Guerlain is always exciting and not to mention, the limited edition Météorites has gorgeous white packaging! To celebrate the 30th birthday of Météorites, Guerlain’s legendary illuminating powder pearls, Guerlain launched the limited edition Happy Glow Pearls Météorites.

The star of the collection would be the Happy Glow Pearls Météorites ($115 SGD / $74 USD). Known to makeup junkies all over the world, the highly praised Guerlain Météorites Pearls have the ability to diffuse light, leaving a gorgeous ethereal glow on your skin. So I’m sure everyone wants to know the number one question. Is it worth $115?

The Météorites Happy Glow Pearls offers a silky soft texture and ethereal violet fragrance. Shimmery pink hues dance with multicolored pigments to reflect the light for allover luminance. Infused with champagne-colored pearls, this highlighter and setting powder in one flatters every complexion for a flawless finish.

Guerlain meteorites spring 2017

Guerlain happy glow spring 2017 review

This time round, the Happy Glow Pearls Météorites are more expensive than the regular Météorites but you get more product and pretty packaging! Not that the regular metal container packaging isn’t pretty, but I’m sure you can agree that the LE packaging is gorgeous, no? Not to mention, there’s a mirror on the underside of the lid!

Guerlain meteorites spring 2017

I have been using Guerlain for the past 2-3 years now but I have never actually owned the Météorites Pearls. I used the Météorites Illuminating Powder compact which is great for travel and on-the-go application. Back when I was a student (just graduated last December), I would save up my money to buy makeup and the Météorites were always a “want” and not a “need”. Hence, I never bought it. But now I’m incredibly thankful that I have the chance to try this powder, big thanks to Guerlain.

If you look carefully, there is a mixture of both big and small pearls. The different shades will work together to create a beautiful glow on the skin. To use this, I’ll simply swirl my brush into the container, and the bristles get coated with a balanced mix of all the shades to apply all over the face for a seamless finish. I’m very fair, so normally I don’t encounter any issues with translucent powders looking too powdery or chalky.

The powder gives the skin a smoother appearance without mattifying it like a traditional loose powder would. I will admit, this is a rather subtle product, so it’s definitely not for everyone. It certainly brightened my skin, giving me the subtle Guerlain glow. I have found that as with all Météorites, the effect is strongest under direct sunlight. There is a strong violet scent which I don’t mind as it does not linger after application. However, it may not sit well with others. I tried swatching the powder but it’s rather difficult, seeing how they are pearls and are supposed to be used together. This is a product that you’ll have to try on yourself to see the difference! 😉

The Guerlain Happy Glow Pearls Météorites looks and feels luxe. It does everything it claims to do and you’ll feel like a million bucks when applying this. So, in conclusion … this one’s a splurge but worth the price tag. 🙂

Guerlain happy glow spring 2017 review

Guerlain happy glow meteorites spring 2017 review

The other products in the collection are worth checking out as well! I have my eye on the Météorites Happy Glow Blush ($84 SGD / $54 USD) which I swatched at the counter. The first time I swatched it, I knew immediately why this can be used as a highlighter and blush. It’s a really sheer blush, which is not necessarily a bad thing. If you tend to overdo blush like me, you’ll love how it’s virtually impossible to overdo with the Happy Glow Blush! 🙂

The Guerlain Spring 2017 collection is now available at all Guerlain boutiques and counters.

Products were provided for consideration. This review contains my honest and true opinions.


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