Say Bye Bye to Oil with BeautyMaker’s new primer!

shopee beautymaker review

I was recently at Shopee‘s media event where I met Taiwanese celebrity makeup artist and founder of BeautyMaker, Kevin 老师! I had a lovely time at the event and it was the first time I was introduced to BeautyMaker products. They have the cutest packaging, especially the Pink Sweety Cheek Stains.

Today, I’ll be reviewing the three products I received in my press kit! 🙂 Keep Reading »

Shopee x BeautyMaker Media Event

Shopee Beautymaker

Hello April! I can’t believe we are four months into the year now. If you have been following my IG stories, you probably would have seen my stories when I was invited by Shopee to attend their Shopee x BeautyMaker media event two weekends ago. As you may be aware, Shopee is a mobile-first social marketplace where everyone can browse, shop and sell. From beauty products to apparel to mobile gadgets, you can find them all at Shopee!

Shopee understands the importance of consumer’s safety, especially when scams are rampant nowadays. Hence, Shopee uses “Shopee Guarantee” which means your payment is sent to the seller only after you have received your products. Thumbs up for secure and fuss-free transactions!

Picture heavy post ahead, be warned! Keep Reading »

Guerlain’s Mon Guerlain has won my heart

Mon Guerlain 2017 review

When Thierry Wasser created this fragrance, he created in the image of the woman whom he admires; someone who embodies modern femininity. She’s fearless yet gentle, strong yet delicate, sensual yet loving, free yet inspired by compassion for others. ✨ Doesn’t that remind us of Angelina Jolie? What more, like a true kind soul that she is, Angelina’s entire salary from this campaign will be going towards charity! 💖

Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum ($138 SGD / $94 USD for 50ml) is said to be “a tribute to today’s femininity – a strong, free and sensual femininity.” Now, read on to hear my thoughts on this exciting new addition to the Guerlain perfume family. Keep Reading »

Neutrogena’s new sunscreens has got me covered!

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know I can’t live without sunscreens. I have cool fair skin so I don’t get tanned. I get freckles. 🙁 Freckles are the bane of my existence. I know, I probably should just embrace them back I would rather not have them. 😛 I put on sunscreen every day, it is a non-negotiable item in my skincare routine. Today, I’m excited to share with you all the various sunscreens available from Neutrogena. I usually buy high-end sunscreens so this was my first time trying drugstore sunscreens.

Neutrogena sunscreen review

Neutrogena sent over some sunscreens for me to try and I’m very much impressed by the wide array of sunscreens that Neutrogena has. They cater to the different needs. Maybe you are the sporty girl or you are the girl on a hunt for a sunscreen to wear under your makeup. Read on to find out which sunscreen is best for you! Keep Reading »

Reflections Organics Media Launch & Review

Reflections Organics review

No one does organic, high performance, affordable makeup quite like Reflections Organics. I was so pleased to be introduced to this brand in January, during their media event. A little background to the brand; it’s actually founded by a Singaporean! I’m thrilled to meet a local entrepreneur, furthermore, it’s always a joy to hear them talk about their journey and what inspired them.

The founder of Reflections Organics, Nerissa Low, spoke to us about how the importance of using safe, clean, and natural products. After all, what goes on your skin will get absorbed into your body so it you don’t want toxic chemicals being absorbed right? With our skin being the largest organ of our body, can you imagine how much product is getting absorbed daily?? At Reflections Organics, their motto is to provide authentic organic makeup with a wide range of colours at an affordable price. Keep Reading »